Technology, style, and living comfort all work well together. In fact, we wouldn’t want anything more than a house jammed with technological devices. as an example during the construction of your home, you discovered all of the technological devices that can be used to cause a lot of exaggeration.  And now?  You should now take things a step further. What about electric curtains?  why not?

Search for curtains

It all started with the curtains. Whereas we often preferred a blackout curtain, we totally adored in-betweens. We were certain of one thing: we can no longer prefer duvets. That seems to be quite elegant, but we considered it to be impractical. Certainly not for a child who enjoys pulling strings. Finally, they have evolved into stunning in-between curtains in a blue-gray tone, allowing us to look outside at any time, in combination with screens to keep the sun out.

Electric roller blind

At the moment, we still close our curtains by hand, but given the options, we’d like to use a little more technology. An electric roller blind or electric curtain rails fit that description next. That way, you’ll never have to think about forgetting to close the curtains (you can do it with the click of a button on your smartphone) or choosing a normal schedule that moves the curtains to the correct position automatically.

Never again bothered by the sun

Technology is ideal in the spring season and improves your living comfort. The screens were then mounted in conjunction with the Somfy Smart Home device. We use the monitor, which alerts us when there is so much sunlight on the glass, forcing the displays to lower. Also, on weekends, we use the timer feature to keep the screens in the bedrooms closed for a little while. As a result, the sun will never annoy us again. We should consider it ideal! That’s what we’d like to do with our curtains as well.

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Blackout roman blind

For instance, if you looked at your bedrooms (two of which are now used as home offices), you would now choose a blackout roman blind. Of course, it’s electric. All of the windows are now draped with long dark blue curtains. It seems to be very stylish, but it is no longer functional. Since the curtains will get in the way, we can’t put a bed under the window. The same situation occurred with an organization. We’ve considered shortening the curtains, but it won’t make much of a difference. If that’s the case, blackout roman blinds are a far more fashionable choice.

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