If at this time you are still uncertain about the advantages of investing in a smart home, then lighting is a good starting point. Basically, you can get started with lighting by buying single smart bulbs or perhaps, go with smart switches.

Why a Smart Home?

While the biggest motivator among many people for switching to smart home is the convenience it brings, there are many other benefits that can be enjoyed too.

Some of these benefits are discussed in the next lines:

  • Improve security by means of controlling lights when to turn on or off if you are away
  • Intuitive controls seamlessly work with existing home Wi-Fi network
  • Easily saves money on electricity bills by just programming the lights
  • No need for overhauling the entire lighting system
  • Take advantage of the convenience of reading to your heart’s content and then turn off the lights straight to your smartphone

What’s the Next Move?

Now, if you are sold to the concept of having smart lighting at home, the very first thing that you have to take into mind is whether to invest in smart plugs or smart bulbs or should you take smart light switches instead? The answer for this question will all lie on your specific preferences so you better know what you want.