By using the RJ45 port or simply known as the Ethernet port gives you the most reliable and the fastest way of connecting to the web. So long as you have a range extender or a router that works fine and of course, an Ethernet port, the only thing you need to do is plugging both ends of the Ethernet cable to the network device of your computer.

Connecting to the Web

On the other hand, it does have to be taken into consideration that not all Ethernet cable that you can find and buy in the market is built in the same manner.

There are wired internet speed that depends on category like for example, Cat 6 versus Cat 5 and also, the physical length of the cable that’ll be used.


Networking for your desktop computer could come in form of physical Ethernet-cable connection. The real question here is, how does wireless Wi-Fi networking takes place? Unless you are using an all-in-one desktop PCs, most of the prebuilt desktop computers sold in the market doesn’t generally come with an integrated Wi-Fi connectivity.

But this is something you should not worry about. There are Wi-Fi cards that can be bought separately that can be easily connected to the system. By doing so, it automatically enables your PC to connect through Wi-Fi.