The primary storage among prebuilt desktop computers all comes down to its internal hard drives as well as the latest format of internal Solid State Drives, otherwise known as SDD.

Common Use for Storage Drivers

Following the standards in determining the price of a product as well as its efficiency, the current approach that users use desk computer storage are as follows:

  • Usage of HDD with large capacity for storing large collection of media files similar to pictures, music, movies, important documents and the likes
  • Using small to medium sized SSD for housing the operating system as well as other essential programs

This configuration is pretty common and it involves the utilization of both HDD and SDD in a single system.

However, options with just SSDs or HDDs only are available too, which will all depend on your specifications.

Storage Size

The amount of the storage that you like to use for your SSD will range from 120GB to 500B. This is going to give you enough space in storing key operating system files. At the same time, this will do in keeping other most-used files and applications. Since HDDs are now more affordable than before, standard size runs at 500GB to 2TB or Terabyte.