OLED screen technology is everywhere. It is used TVs and even smartphones. But what is really the fuzz in this screen technology? OLED contains thin carbon-based film that’s sandwiched between the device’s conductors.

When the electricity passes through OLED, it is emitting light. Since every pixel is emitting light of its own and there is no need for backlighting, TVs and smartphones that are using such technology are steps ahead of the past scree technologies.

Better Picture Quality

Since every pixel is emitting its own light, no dark pixels are lit. OLED pixels remain totally dark and does not emit light which creates blacker screen.

While the conventional displays are relying on RGB to be able to create images, these OLED screens have additional white light that is used in creating more color. Because of this, the images produced are more varied, richer and truer to real-life.

Go with OLED

If you are planning to have an upgrade for your TV screen or smartphone and happen to be meticulous with its screen technology, then you definitely want to have OLED in it. Besides, when OLED is put together with High Dynamic Range or HDR, the resulting images are truly jaw-dropping.