As for those who are looking forward to save on their workspace and not afraid of getting the latest and high-powered models, then smaller form factor desktops would be enough. These systems provide exceptional functionality and effective ergonomics.

Both small to large scale business is benefiting from the implementation of slim/small form factor computers as long as they can run the essential business apps such as IT software, spreadsheets and documents.

Your Options

As for budget gamers, they can benefit from one too because it has the perfect size and power of components to run low to medium graphic settings on the games they are playing. All of these are enjoyed while they are saving space for their rig.

There are different options of course for slim/small form factor computers; depending on your choice you may go with:

  • Small Form Factor
  • Slim Form Factor
  • Mini Form Factor
  • All-in-One Desktops and;
  • Computer/Computer Sticks

Computer Sticks?

Technically speaking, these are not your run-on-the-mill kind of computers. Still, they deserve attention brought by its remarkable functionality albeit the small size. Don’t expect too much power for it to allow you to game with computer sticks. Though if you will be using it for basic everyday task, it will do just fine.