If portability isn’t an issue to you, then you will definitely love the computing power and performance of a desktop PC. In comparison to laptops and tablets, many of the pre-built computers are upgradable.

Sure, you can definitely swap SSDs, hard drives, memory sticks on several laptop computers but, their graphics card and CPUs are usually soldered in the motherboard. Thus, your graphics and processing power will be fixed for years to come.

Why Desktops are Awesome?

With a desktop, you don’t need to worry anything about having to charge the battery every now and then. Simply plug it in and you are all set. Luckily, since you are opting for pre-built computers rather than DIY, you do not need to worry as well about any compatibility issues or ensuring that your PSU is capable of handling all your computer’s component.

Importance of an OS

Operating System acts like the brain of a computer. This sends instructions to the computer on what to do. Basically, it translates the user’s commands to machine-readable program. It is connecting all of the computer’s hardware as well as software together.

As for the OS, this one is basically based on user’s preference. There are different options for it such as the most popular, Windows, Mac and Linux.