There is something when looking back at family photos on a 50 or 75 inch screen that is displayed in your living room rather than having everyone around squeezing to see it in a small computer screen. To make things worse, pass the smartphone just for everyone to see it.

Having DLNA-compliant media player, even the basic ones can provide easy access to all digital videos, music and photos that is located to the network that is attached to the storage device or to the computer in your home network. There are of course, more advanced and sophisticated servers and media players that can categorize, organize and convert contents, which makes it effortless to access your digital stuff.

Universal Search

One true blessing of World Wide Web is the fact that it showered us with tons of options for streaming services.

With a smart TV though, it has built-in search engine that’ll search for any movies, actor, genre, TV shows or anything in particular that fits your preference.


Smart TVs are just perfect for gaming. There are a lot of smart TVs that have built-in game applications. Needless to say, you don’t just want to play basic games in it. So plug in your game console and let the games begin.