Replacing the old bulbs with the smarter ones may seem to be a no-brainer decision. Well it seems to be that way because it actually is. Keep on reading to learn more why.

Smart Bulbs

By buying smart bulbs, it gives you the power of remotely controlling your lights by simply using your smartphone. There are even some that lets you change the color of lighting. This is perfect if you wish to enhance the ambience and atmosphere in the room.

Smart Plug

If you have made a decision to get a smart plug, you are basically transforming your current lighting to switch it on or off wherever you are through your smartphone.

These smart plugs connect to the Wi-Fi network of your house which enables it to communicate back and forth. Then again, there are smart plugs that enable basic tracking of your home’s energy consumption. You may also try using “if this, then that” applets to make your smart plugs receive instructions on other devices that are connected within the same network.

Just before switching to smart lighting though, make it a point that the bulbs you have in mind is a perfect fit to existing lighting fixtures.