Desktop computers have become so common that people have taken it for granted. But even for once, did it ever cross your mind what is inside it? Being able to know the hardware of such system is going to help in determining the final price of the product.

The top-tier and latest parts will definitely cost you a lot. Nevertheless, it is guaranteed to deliver exceptional power as well as computing capability that other systems can’t. Being cost-effective on the other hand will help you save cash on the cost of limiting the things you could do with the machine.

Central Processing Unit

The Central Processing Unit or CPU is basically the brain of the computer’s whole operation. It is executing instructions needed to run computer properly and also input commands that the user provides. Desktop processor brands in the market are dominated by 2 well-known companies which are:

  1. AMD and;
  2. Intel

Cores and Processes

When talking about processors, what you must look initially is the number of cores it has. The cores that a CPU packs is determining the processes that it could run simultaneously. Meaning to say, the 12 cores that the newest AMD Ryzen Threaddripper will be able to run 12 separate processes without problems.