Despite the fact that computer runs on operating system with standard minimum requirements, response time is going to be poor. Jumping between programs or even running programs with intensive graphics could result to significant slowdowns.

Doing upgrades in the future may even demand higher minimum requirements too. With this in mind, it is smart to keep yourself informed on the basic minimum requirements of a computer depending on the system that you have.

In this regard, the following is a basic list of software and operating systems that should meet the following criteria:

Operating System: Windows

If you are using Windows OS, then you must be familiar with the following:

  • Microsoft© Windows©10 64-bit – minimum requirement to run this is 2GB but the preferred is 8GB
  • Microsoft© Windows©10 32-bit – 1GB is the minimum memory requirement but 3GB is the ideal
  • Microsoft© Windows©8 64-bit – you need at least 2GB of memory but if you can push it to 8GB, much better
  • Microsoft© Windows©8 32-bit – 1GB will do but 3GB is what advised
  • Microsoft© Windows©7 64-bit – you can run the system with just 2GB RAM but 8GB is recommended
  • Microsoft© Windows©7 32-bit – 1GB is good but 3GB is better

Operating System: Mac

If you’re a Mac type of person, then you must know the minimum specs below:

  • Mac© OS X Sierra – 4GB will do but 8GB is recommended
  • Mac© OS X El Capitan – 2GB is sometimes enough but 8GB is better
  • Mac© OS X Yosemite – you can run this in 2GB however, 8GB is the preferable
  • Mac© OS X El Mavericks – 2GB can do the but 8GB is recommended
  • Mac© OS X High Sierra – what’s recommended is 8GB but minimum requirements is at 2GB only
  • Mac© OS X Mojave – the OS can run in 2GB but if you want smoother and better performance, go for 8GB