If you go out in the market and shop for prebuilt desktop computers, it will most likely come with a dedicated graphic card. Similar to the CPU market, the graphic processing module are made and designed by two leading companies and these are:

  1. AMD and;

Know Your Graphics Card and its Power

Now, some may even say that they are seeing GeForce in the product spec sheet of the computer. As a matter of fact, GeForce a graphic card made by NVIDIA. If it is Radeon that you see on the specifications, then it is most definitely made by AMD.

Workstation and Desktop GPUs

Despite the fact that there are several series of graphics cards, we can break it down into two categories which is workstation GPUs and desktop GPUs. Both of the said GPUs could be found in all-in-one desktop computers or traditional desktop PCs.


The primary difference between the two though is the functionality it has. In general, desktop GPUs are intended for video or photo editing, streaming and gaming while the workstation GPUs are mostly used for performing professional and power intensive programs such as computer-graphic image manipulation and creation as well as 3D modeling.