A new generation of technology is approaching. Many of these innovations have long been discussed. Consider the use of artificial intelligence, the use of nanotechnology, the use of big data’s capabilities, or the implementation of 3D printing.

There will be no future visions, just realistic investment decisions.

We’ve reached the point where we can see the effects of these developments all around us. As a result, it’s no longer just about imagining potential scenarios, but also about making specific investment choices. Which also ensures that companies must have a good view of the possibilities and challenges that these innovations truly bring – or create one rapidly.

We see around us that successful organizations are able to use new technologies to improve results in various areas.

11 breakthroughs in technology

Over the next five to ten years, eleven technology breakthroughs will have a significant effect on companies, consumers, and industries where organizations and consumers communicate.

Big data, cloud computing, DNA sequencing, energy storage, autonomous robot technology, internet of things, artificial intelligence, smart internet, mobile payments, nanotechnology, and 3D printing are examples of these technologies.

These technologies:

  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations through far-reaching automation.
  • Better match supply and demand in markets and facilitate transactions through greater transparency and predictive power.
  • Increase the influence of consumers on business processes and end products / services by taking responsibility for business processes.
  • Increase the general well-being of people by enabling completely new products and services.

Technologies in different areas

Automated organizations
Organizations can use technology to better simplify a wide range of business operations. As a consequence, labor-intensive, costly, and error-prone systems may be eliminated with the assistance of technology. This is now a possibility thanks to advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, and cloud services.

Facilitating markets
Different technologies can be used to increase the performance of markets. This allows vendors and customers to locate each other more effectively and conduct purchases with each other. It is not only about putting together existing customer wishes and products/services, but also about predicting potential consumer wishes and needs based on knowledge that is becoming more precise and consistent. The internet of things, big data, and mobile payments are new technology that allow this.

Influential consumers
Consumers are gradually able to take on more and more roles and duties from organizations due to technical advances. The customer will gradually take over a company’s value chain. If it is participation in the design process, funding, or development. Mobile internet, energy harvesting, and 3D printing are all innovations that are making this increasingly feasible.

New products and services
Two new technologies in particular will provide a large number of products and services that have not been thought possible until now. We would be able to manufacture superior materials and products at a lower cost thanks to nanotechnology and DNA sequencing. The areas of application are very broad: from healthcare to aerospace and agriculture to electronics.

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