Glass cleaning is sometimes very labour-intensive. But you can now clear up this problem and decide to clean the windows with pure water.

How does commercial window cleaning with pure water work?

Up to now, window cleaning has been difficult or impossible without special cleaning agents. In addition, there is the necessary equipment for working at lofty heights. Are you looking for an alternative to glass cleaning that not only saves time but also costs? Then the innovative cleaning with pure water could be just right for you.

Here To Help

For professional Commercial window cleaning Gold Coast, you need a handy filter, the hose for the water supply, a length-adjustable working rod made of sustainable aluminium and an angle brush for removing coarse dirt.

With a multi-adjustable angle adapter, you have the opportunity to bring the angle brush into the desired position and simplify window cleaning. The deionizing water filter is the basis of this system. This makes it possible to use only clear pure water for window cleaning and achieve professional and crystal-clear results.

Of course, the aluminium rods also carry water in an extended form. This way, you can create glass surfaces up to a height of 6 m without additional equipment. Instead of watering, peeling off and polishing, you can achieve optimal results. You will leave no streaks and glare spots in the glass with the pure water, which has been freed from residues and treated.

Since you generate optimal window cleaning in one work step, you save a lot of time. You can generate glass cleaning with maximum efficiency and without restrictions on the quality of your work.

Why pure water technology for commercial window cleaning?

Conventional and non-chemically treated tap water is calcareous and contains various minerals that can impair the result of optimal glass cleaning. Some companies have developed a new portable system for the use of pure water technology. With the help of this, you can comfortably use the advantages of this cleaning process. Cleaning with pure water is more cost-effective than classic window cleaning. This is due to the simplified cleaning process and the associated time savings.