Nowadays, nearly all institutions and organizations are highly reliant on their multi-purpose websites in carrying out transactions with customers and clients. As ecommerce is now mainstream and running on platforms with reduced complexities, web development jobs now rank high in the lists of most in demand professions in year 2022. Actually, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the demand for ecommerce web developers will continue to grow through the year 2030.

Web developers are not just web designers because they build websites from scratch. Thereafter, take charge of maintaining the core structure of the website they built. A web development company may have different builders assigned to code and configure servers and databases either as a front-end, as a back-end or as a full-stack web development task. The latter handles both front and back end development responsibilities including integration of features and functionalities, for creating the so-called “enhanced user experience.”

Other important aspects of a web developer’s post-launch tasks include testing and debugging as part of maintenance and support services, as well as addressing web hosting and server related issues. Now more than ever, in which ecommerce has become the normal and most efficient method by which B2B and B2C entities can do business, web developers perform critical roles that ensure the efficiency and reliability of online business transactions.

What to Know When Applying for a Web Development Job

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the force that is driving the demand for the web development profession is the increasing reliance of companies and enterprises on a fully functioning and multi-device website.

Having an associate or bachelor’s degree gives an applicant an advantage in being shortlisted as a potential candidate for a web development occupation. Yet having a portfolio that attests to one’s creativity and expertise as a web developer creates a competitive advantage. The wealth of information that a portfolio reveals can validate an applicant’s right to claim that he or she is the best fit for the position.

Still, even if a formal education is not a standout qualification, it’s important to immediately capture the interest of the HR manager in-charge of recommending people for an initial interview with the department manager. The content and message of the letter of application and the accompanying curriculum vitae must be compelling enough, for managers to want to learn and hear more from applicants who piqued their interests.

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