The use of technology has introduced new services, and the structure of the music industry has changed significantly. In a period of industry change, music startups are likely to have great opportunities especially when they use the services of YouTube. 


Musicians Who Started Their Fame On YouTube

Start-up musicians are given the opportunity to record and self-publish their own music on YouTube. YouTubers like Kina Grannis, Walk off the Earth, Boyce Avenue, and many others are just a few of the many successful musicians who have started their careers on YouTube. You can convert and download their music through the clip converter. Read How to convert Youtube clips to mp4 & mp3. A tool that converts your favorite music video into mp3.

New technology has significantly increased sales of sound sources

Mr. Yamaguchi is not only a music producer, but also an editorial board member of the “Digital Content White Paper” supervised by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, a visiting professor at the Information Management Innovation Professional University scheduled to open in 2020, and “Developing professional composers” at the Tokyo Content Producers Lab. He has been involved in the development of the music industry from various angles, such as presiding over “Yamaguchi Seminar” and “New Middleman Training Course”. Mr. Yamaguchi cites “digital” and “global” as keywords for the music business in the future. In order to create a company that will lead the music industry in the future, with the vision of “making Japanese entertainment startups to the world,” VERSUS was launched in December 2018 to support startups and develop human resources.

A new relationship between music services and users created by “playlists”

After working for a number of major record companies and participating in the launch of the iTunes Store in 2005, Mr. Nomoto moved to Spotify in 2012 and led the expansion in Japan. Merlin Japan, the general manager, will support the global distribution of music from independent labels, also known as “indies.” It manages a number of independent labels and acts on behalf of contracts with businesses that develop streaming services. The three major labels, Universal, Sony, and Warner, which are expanding their business globally, have a large share, and it is easy to draw out good conditions in negotiations with distributors. On the other hand, although the share of other independent labels as a whole account for 30%, the share of individual labels is small, and it is often not possible to make a contract under favorable conditions. Merlin Japan is in charge of such negotiations.

What is the “transformation of disposable spirit” brought about by entertainment in marketing?

At the Tribal Media House, which supports the marketing of various companies, Mr. Takano, who leads the marketing label “Modern Age” where professionals in the entertainment field such as music gather, has supported many national clients. Mr. Takano’s work can be broadly classified into two types. One is marketing support in the entertainment industry. For example, the area called For ENTERTAINMENT is to promote and manage artists, sometimes work directly with artists, and to the entertainment industry in a broad sense such as TV stations, movies, and animations, as well as the music industry. It’s marketing support.