Depending on the manufacturer and model, automatic or dual-clutch transmissions have a torque converter or an oil bath clutch that has to be permanently supplied with oil. As a rule, the motor drives a corresponding pump on the gearbox. If the engine does not run, the pump cannot work, cannot build up pressure and the gearbox can run dry on some moving parts after a few kilometers. If the engine still starts, it should therefore idle when towing.

Which attitudes are important when towing automatic car machinery?

To be able to hook a car with an automatic transmission, you have to engage gear N. This is the only way to tow the vehicle with this transmission if you decide to tow it using the services of towing company san jose. At P, the transmission remains in the park position and locks the wheels. You can find the best towing services in San Jose CA in the maps.

What happens if an automatic car is towed incorrectly?

If the automatic car is pulled in the wrong gears or over too long a distance, the transmission can break down. Depending on the make and model, a vehicle with an automatic transmission or a dual-clutch transmission can be pulled up to 80 kilometers with a rope or a rod.

Exit the automatic car from the motorway before towing

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If a car with automatic transmission breaks down on the highway, you can tow it away. However, you have to leave the motorway using the shortest route, preferably at the next exit. If you tow your car on the motorway, the maximum speed that you are allowed to drive with the automatic vehicle according to the operating instructions also applies, as on the country road. This is one of the reasons why you should get off the highway as soon as possible. With a speed of around 40 km/h, you pose a danger to the rest of the traffic even on the hard shoulder.

Towing electric cars with automatic transmissions

Electric cars that are almost exclusively equipped with a one- or two-speed automatic transmission cannot be towed because energy is often generated via an axis that charges the battery. If this energy cannot flow away through other consumers, the battery can overheat and break. Therefore, damaged electric automotive should always be hooked up by professional towing companies.