If you think that TikTok is just another social media app that is used for entertainment, then you better start reconsidering that thought of yours. As a matter of fact, many TikTokerist do buy TikTok followers for the hopes of boosting their earnings. That’s right, it is possible to earn money from using the app and there are many ways than one to do it.


Number 1. Selling Your Account

The first approach in making money from this platform is to grow the account and flip it. As a matter of fact, this is quite popular in product space or eCommerce. Much like Instagram, you will be choosing a niche and create content for it. Preferably, make the content go viral in an effort to attract more people and turn them into followers. Who knows, one of them will be an ideal consumer for a product.

Number 2. Donations

Another way of making money from this app is to go Live and collect donations among viewers. This feature is quite fascinating and many are banking on this now. This feature is mainly designed for monetization.

From the looks of it, if you are user, you may go to your profile and make in-app purchase in form of “coins”. In the app itself, 100 coins is equivalent to $1.39. What is done with these coins then? When your favorite creator goes live, you may send them coins as a sign of gratitude to their efforts for creating contents that they do.

As for creators on the other hand, they can turn these coins into diamonds which can then be converted to cash through PayPal.

Number 3. Managing Influencer Campaigns

This one isn’t entirely new concept. There are straight up influencer agencies that are serving Instagram influencers at the moment. The same idea is used to TikTok. You may serve as the broker or middleperson between TikTok and the creator and a brand who likes to collaborate with the influencer in question.

From preparation of the agreement, managing both entities, ensuring that all deliverables and requirements are met, you may charge for service fee in exchange of managing the campaigns.