Video Games On-Demand
Metaboli represents a new generation of video game distributors. An online games pioneer, Metaboli has become the European leader for games on-demand and downloads of PC games from main editors. Metaboli manages the websites Metaboli, Gamesplanet and Gametap. It offers a key service of video game distribution to internet providers such as Orange, SFR and Free and to large web portals such as Best Buy (US), FNAC, and Game. Metaboli also accompanies video game editors in their digital strategy, such as with Focus Interactive.



Platform of Home Smart Energy
In the “Smart Grid” industry, Ijenko is a service platform for Residential Energy Efficiency and Demand Management. Ijenko’s Home Energy Management Service platform enables Utilities, Internet service providers, Specialized Retailers, Systems Integrators and any Energy Ecosystem Partner to deliver Energy Efficiency services beyond any meter to residential customers, and to contribute to a smarter Energy Management between production, consumption and storage.




Scalable Tools for Reliable Physical Verification
edXact (“Electronic Design: eXtraction, Analysis and Control Tools”) is a software editor, selling mainly licenses to use the software tools and associated services. It provides high-precision, high-performance technology for backend physical verification. edXact is addressing one of the most predominant problems in modern IC design, related to the reliability of the circuits after production. edXact solves the equation with its innovative and unique tools, which are compliant and compatible with major EDA vendor platforms.
edXact offers its Jivaro product line in a commercial version wich allows for the reduction of electric models in integrated complex circuits.



Supplier of Long Wavelength Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL)
BeamExpress SA, located in Lausanne, Switzerland is a privately held company developing in cooperation with EPFL (the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) advanced long wavelength Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) with wavelengths ranging from 1200nm to 1650nm, for high-speed optical communications.


Total Immersion

Augmented Reality Solution
Total Immersion, the worldwide leader of real time Augmented Reality solutions, provides D’FUSION, a real time visual software which makes it possible to create Augmented Reality Applications with a standard PC receiving one or several video inputs, with high performance and high quality images. This technology serves industry (automotive, aerospace, military maintenance) as well as entertainment, video games and e-commerce.



Geographic Information Systems and Web Solutions for SMBs
IDS is a specialist of geographic data digitalization, and associated services. Its extensive background and know-how enables IDS to be the partner of excellence for setting up global solutions fully compatible with customer quality requisites and standards. A key partner for local authorities, IDS is also a reference supplier for large infrastructure owners and operators, and transportation of goods and persons operators as well.  The acquisition of an iSource portfolio company, Isotools, in 2002, enabled IDS to set up a “products and technologies” department beside its geographic services business unit, while acquiring web competencies. Isotools has set up and developed a partnership with CEGID, to offer to SMBs web solutions for selling and accounting.



Innovative Motion Capture Devices
Movea SA develops and commercializes motion-based solutions for the digital life experience to simplify human-digital interface paradigm. The company has commercial interests ranging from Consumer Electronics, Mobile phones and Healthcare markets. Movea is based in Grenoble (FR) and Pleasanton (USA).

iSource sold Movea to InvenSense (Nyse:INVN) on July 2014



Functional Processes and Tools to Reduce the Risks of Business Critical Applications Testing
Smartesting is a leading independent software provider of an innovative solution that guarantees and certifies the alignment of information system applications with the business processes of the organization. The solution provides a certification approach that automates the production of required functional tests and helps reduce the risks of testing the most critical business applications. Smoothly integrated with mainstream test management solutions, the Smartesting solution accelerates the industrialization of current test practices and enables greater agility for the IT teams. Today deployed by major organizations and system integrators for all business activity sectors, Smartesting extends traditional quality assurance and offers Information System certification capabilities.

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Digital Media Solutions

Innovative Audio Solutions
DMS is specialized in the conception, the manufacturing and the marketing of 2D and 3D audio solutions for the Cinema, High Fidelity, Television and Music industries.



Packaging Software Solutions
Rhapso is a software vendor that delivers full web and open-source based solutions. Rhapso mission is to provide the packaging, printing and other similar vertical industries with a fully integrated ERP designed to optimize industrial processes and increase productivity.

Rhapso was acquired by the American company EFI (Nasdaq: EFII) in 2014



Online Photo Storage, Sharing and Printing Services
DarQroom is a website combining seamless online photo sharing with high quality printing services. DarQroom has been designed for passionate, amateur photographers who care about exposing their work in perfect conditions. Photographers can share and sell their photographs, al the while keeping total control of their rights.



Innovative Stereo Amplication System

StormAudio strives to make a new range of HiFi products, pushing the boundaries of performance to unprecedented levels of excellence, through innovation and a total dedication to perfection.


Aldebaran Robotics

Humanoid Robots for Consumer Applications
Aldebaran Robotics is a Paris based company which develops and markets 60-cm tall humanoid home robot companions. With a computer at its core, it is a unique, evolving and fully programmable platform targeting a variety of usage such as education, entertainment, home care or security.



Online Video Service
maTVpratique offers free access to entertaining and educational high quality programs online, posted by experts and amateur enthusiasts. Videos can be viewed and downloaded on a PC, a multimedia player, a mobile phone or an iPhone.



Digital Medical Imaging and Connectivity
Etiam provides Medical Imaging connectivity and Multimedia software solutions for the Healthcare industry. The company’s research quickly focused on international data exchange protocols and the DICOM standard for medical images in particular. Etiam provides connectivity and Medical Imaging workflow solutions, including: image acquisition, viewing, routing and distribution, archiving, printing and other file manipulations using DICOM and other communication standards. A recognized technology leader with many years of experience in all areas of medical imaging technology, Etiam has established a solid reputation in the Digital imaging market with high-performance software technology and custom design solutions and services for a variety of system integrators. Etiam’s solutions are sold worldwide through a network of system integrators, national distributors and regional consultants.



Provider and Operator of e-invoicing Solutions
b-process is the leader in the electronic invoicing with close to 80000 interconnected buyers and suppliers. The global, externalized offer is based on ASP platform billManager – a single entrance and exit portal for in and out-going invoicing flows. This portal is adapted to the size, technological knowledge and the invoice volumes of each company and provides e-invoicing solutions, certified legally and technically. At the same time it greatly optimizes the invoicing processes and reduces costs tremendously. More than 3000 French and international companies of all sizes and all sectors trust b-process.



3D Solutions for decision making in territory management
Bionatics develops 3D territory modeling and visualization software solutions improving the decision making process in the fields of urban planning, city management, landscape preservation and infrastructure integration as well as miitary simulation and civil security. Created in 2000, Bionatics distributes today its products in 50 countries in the world through a highly specialized reseller network.

Portfolio exit : September 2011



Jobpartners has a clear leading position in the European marketplace – some of the largest organisations trust its solutions to help manage their people.
Selling its ActiveSuite solutions (ActiveRecruiter, ActivePlanner, ActivePerformer, ActiveCenter, ActiveNetworker, ActiveRewarder, ActiveConnector) in over 40 different countries worldwide, Jobpartners is earning an international reputation for delivering people management solutions.
Jobpartners was acquired by TALEO in June 2011



Iwedia is an international provider of software solutions for connected audiovisual digital devices for broadcast and broadband networks.
Portfolio exit : March 2011



Webjam is a European internet start-up founded in 2006 and based in London. Webjam enables users to easily create their online presence in a fully personalised way. With powerful community features, an easy drag-and-drop interface, a rich catalogue of modules and styles and a unique feature to replicate contents, Webjam makes publishing and sharing really simple.
Portfolio exit : March 2011

logo openplug


OpenPlug creates and commercializes the first open software framework designed for mass market phones. The OpenPlug ELIPS Product Suite relies on a unique component-based technology, which drastically simplifies and secures all the phases of mobile phone software development, integration and deployment. It enables mobile operators and handset makers to create, update and customize their phones in record time, while keeping full control over their design and development cycle.
Openplug was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent in September 2010

Re3D SplashScreen


Realeyes3D is a leading provider of advanced image processing applications for camera phones.
The innovative software applications, based on sophisticated and highly optimized image processing algorithms, create new means of communications on camera phones despite high constraints of CPU and memory.
Portfolio exit : June 2010



UDcast is the leader in satellite aware enterprise networking solutions as well as solutions enabling the delivery of IPTV to mobile phones.
UDcast provides end-to-end solutions based on broadcast infrastructures such as satellites and digital terrestrial TV. Founded by members of the INRIA research centre, involved in international standards organisations such as ETSI and the IETF, UDcast sells worldwide from its global headquarters in Sophia-Antipolis, France.
Portfolio exit : March 2010

logo TraceOne

Trace One

Trace One has paved the way of quality and trackability management in the business ecosystem of large retailers. Trace One aims to operate as a trusted third party processor for all industrial fields in which a quality issue may jeopardize customer security and health.
Trace One develops and operates through its dedicated portal the first collaborative application enabling the management of the specification process for white label products on the French market. This solution is widely used today by three large retail players and more than 800 of their suppliers.



Streamezzo provides telecom operators, aggregators, content providers and mobile develoopers with a platform to offer interactive multimedia services to their customers. Streamezzo software suite enables Rich Media services to be accessed across any mobile phones and any networks from 2.5G, EDGE to 3G/UMTS as well a mobile broadcast networks such as DVB-H or DMB.



Advestigo is a solution leader in the fast growing digital asset management for both digital media and enterprise content security markets.
Advestigo was acquired by Hologram. Industries in March 2009.


Jware Technologies

Jware Technologies develops card payment software that fullfils all of the technical and functional requirements of secure transaction processing.
Jware meets the performance requirements of the largest banks, a standard that it applies to its customers in Third Party Processing and retail.
Jware was acquired by Trium Group in September 2008



Netia is a specialist software editor providing professional-grade solutions for managing audio (RadioAssist) and video content (Manreo).
Netia was acquired by GlobeCast in September 2008

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let it wavelogowhiteorange

Let It Wave

Let It Wave develops image processing and video products based on the bandlet technology developed at Ecole Polytechnique. Let it Wave hardware products apply for video image quality, in particular HDTV upconversion.
Let it Wave was acquired by Zoran Corporation in June 2008

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Xcalia’s dynamic integration software makes it easier for enterprises to build composite applications in SOAs while reusing valuable information resources, optimizing IT investments and reducing operating costs.
Xcalia was acquired by Progress Software in January 2008.

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ScreenTonic has pioneered and developed the first advertising platform for mobile operators and mobile portals dedicated exclusively to mobiles.
ScreenTonic was acquired by Microsoft in July 2007.

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PolySpace Technologies

PolySpace Technologies is a leading company providing exhaustive code analysis for the presence or absence of run-time errors.
PolySpace was acquired by The MathWorks in April 2007

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notrefamille_site is the French leading provider of family services on internet with at least 2 000 000 visitors on line per month.
IPO in March 2007.

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SmartJog provides a global distribution and file transfer platform to facilitate the entertainment industry transition to digital.
Smartjog was acquired by TDF in September 2006.

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Memscap provides innovative products and solutions based on micro-electromechanical systems (or MEMS).
Memscap was sold on the Market in May 2006.

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Calendra is a leading provider of web-based business-oriented identity management solutions.
Calendra was acquired by BMC Software in January 2005.

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Optogone: optical components integration for DWDM network.
Optogone was acquired by Memscap in December 2004



K-Mobile : community services for mobile phones
K-Mobile was acquired by AG Interactive in May 2004.

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Akazi Technologies

Akazi Technologies : Business Process Management solutions
Akazi Technologies was acquired by W4 in May 2004.

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Isotools is a provider of innovative e-business solutions.
Isotools was acquired by IDS in May 2002.