Nextbiotix raises 7M€

Nextbiotix, a microbiome biotech company developing innovative Live Biotherapeutics using commensal bacteria as drugs to treat major inflammatory bowel diseases, announced that it has completed a €7m Series A financing round to bring its lead candidate into the clinic. The round was led by Auriga Partners, alongside with Sofimac Innovation, Cap Innov’Est, INRA, and Biocodex, an […]

eLichens appoints Gilles Delfassy as New Chairman of the Board

eLichens, a leading designer of patented gas sensors and the first comprehensive air quality analysis and prediction platform, announced the appointment of Gilles Delfassy as the new chairman of the board. More information at and in the Press Release below.

eLichens raises €7M to boost its growth

Designer of patented gas sensors and the first comprehensive air quality analysis and prediction platform, eLichens announced a new capital increase with its historical investors (among them Sofimac Innovation) and two new entrants. More information in the Presse Release below.

Expway drives successful V2X Demos with Vodafone

Expway, the LTE Broadcast industry specialist and leader, is driving the adoption of 5G Mobility, by successfully showcasing how connected-cars are made safer and more comfortable with LTE Broadcast. Expway conducted two successful data broadcast demos during the opening of Vodafone’s 5G Mobility Lab, at the Aldenhoven Testing Center (ATC). More information in the press release

Ownpage raises funds

Ownpage raises a new funding round to distribute its editorial personalization services globally from Paris Business Angels, IT Angels, Shéhérazade Semsar de Boissésson and Angel Source. More information in the Press Release below.

Apizee raises funds

Apizee, the webRTC solutions expert, announced a 1 million euros funding roud – provided by Angel Source and Breizh Angels. More information in the Press Release below

Eblink names a co-CEO

EBlink, pioneer and leader of wireless fronthaul technologies, announces the arrival of Eric SELE as co-CEO in charge of global business and strategic alliances. More information at

Expway secures $3,3M in funding

Expway, the leading provider of LTE (Long Term Evolution) Multicast Middleware and BM-SC, announced that it has closed a $3.3 million financing round. This new funding will accelerate Expway’s continued global expansion and investment in LTE Multicast. More information at

iSource invests in Ownpage

iSource announces a new investment of its Fund Angel Source in Ownpage Technology ( (Press Release in French)

3D Sound Labs: a new investment for Angel Source

iSource (with its Fund Angel Source) and several Business Angels Networks, annonce a 1 million euros investment in 3D Sound Labs. More information at

Leddartech raises 7M$

LeddarTech®, owner of Leddar® detection and ranging technology,  announced that it has successfully completed its $7 million equity financing to accelerate the velocity of its sales and marketing efforts for its innovative sensor modules and to support the ramp-up of its manufacturing and service operations. More information at

Sirdata raises $700k in series A funding

iSource announces its investment in Sirdata, a Paris-based tech startup offering a fully automated, third-party data collection and profiling technology platform, alongside INSEAD Business Angels network, Val’Angels and private investors.

EBlink annouces a 1.5M euro investment from Radiall

EBlink, leader in wireless Fronthaul technology, pursues its partnership strategy through an investment from the industrial group Radiall. More information at

Compario becomes Sparkow

Compario changes brand identity and becomes Sparkow. Fully aligned with product strategy, this new brand is less tied to a functional universe and better represents the width of solutions: Sparkow Personalisation Suite, Sparkow Merchandising, Sparkow Recommendation and Sparkow Digital Store. Stating values of flexibility and accessibility of the solution, the Sparkow brand will benefit from […]

Primo1D raises 3M€

Primo1D, a French company providing solutions for embedding sparkles of intelligence in objects and materials using the E-Thread® yarn, announces the raise of 3M euros for its first round of funding. More information at

iSource sells Movea to InvenSense (Nyse:INVN)

iSource annouces the selling of Movea to the US company InvenSense (Nyse: INVN). iSource has provided an active support to the company and its cofounders since its inception in 2007 (a spin-off of CEA Léti). Movea is today the leading provider of data fusion and motion processing firmware, software, and IP for the consumer electronics […]

Samsung Electronics is using the Movea SmartMotion™ technology

Movea announced that Samsung Electronics is using the Movea SmartMotion™ technology in its latest line of Smart TVs. Movea’s leading-edge technology, based on its industry-recognized IP portfolio, enhances Samsung’s Smart TV user experience, delivering gesture based intuitive user interaction for improved content navigation, motion gaming and web browsing. More information at

Fluoptics gets FDA clearance

Fluoptics has obtained the Food and Drug Administration clearance for its clincal imaging system Fluobeam®. More information at

Fluoptics opens its US Subsidiary

Fluoptics announces the inception of its United States subsidiary, Fluoptics Imaging Inc., dedicated to the marketing of its innovative solutions for fluorescense imaging surgery. More information at

EFI acquires Rhapso

iSource announces that EFI (Nasdaq: EFII), a worldwide provider of products, technology and services leading the transformation of analog to digital Imaging, acquired Rhapso. More information in the Press Release.

Leddar Technology for Arduino Projects

 LeddarTech, owner of the patented Leddar™ LED-based detection technology, announced that its leading-edge sensors are now readily available  to the Arduino community. More information at

EBlink partners with Orange

EBlink announced that its FrontLink™ 58 solution has been successfully installed on the Orange network. More information at

EBlink names Chair of its Strategic Planning Council

EBlink names Vivian HUDSON Chair of its Strategic Planning Council composed of several renowned telecom figures. More information at

Leddartech partners with Valeo

LeddarTech, owner of the patented Leddar™ LED-based detection technology is pleased to announce that it has signed a cooperation, development and licensing agreement with Valeo, one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers. More information at

E-Blink raised funds

The pioneer and leader of Wireless Fronthaul technology in mobile networks announces the raise of 2.8M€. The company gets new resources to boost its development. More information at

Compario promotes new CEO

 Compario has announced the promotion of Stephane Vendramini as its new CEO. More information at

LeddarTech unveils its Industrial Sensor

LeddarTech, owner of the patented Leddar™ LED-based detection technology, announces its new Industrial Leddar™ Sensor, a unique detection and ranging product. This novel sensor can detect, locate and measure all types of objects—solid or liquid—even in the harshest conditions. More information at

LeddarTech New SDK

LeddarTech, owner of the patented Leddar™ LED-based detection technology, announced the launch of its Leddar™ Sensor Software Development Kit (SDK). More information at

Fluoptics raises 2M€

Fluoptics, an emerging company founded to create and develop innovative imaging systems for real  time guided surgery,  raised 2M€ from Business Angels and Angel Source, the Fund managed by iSource. More information at

STMicroelectronics and Movea Cooperation

STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, and  Movea, a leading provider of data-fusion and motion-processing technologies for consumer electronics, announced their agreement to integrate Movea’s SmartMotion technology into the STM32F401 microcontroller operating  as a low-power sensor-hub controller. More information at

LeddarTech announces expanded Agreement

LeddarTech, creator of the unique and patented LeddarTM LED Detection and Ranging Technology, has expanded its distribution agreement with Innovative Traffic Solutions to include all provinces of Canada (except Québec).   More information at

The New LeddarTM Sensor Awarded at Sensors Expo 2013

LeddarTech, creator of the unique and patented LeddarTM LED Detection and Ranging Technology, won big at this year’s Sensors Expo 2013. Held in Rosemont, IL, USA, on June 5 and 6, the expo presented LeddarTech with its “Best of Sensors Expo 2013 Innovation Award” for its new LeddarTM Sensor Evaluation Kit, which was launched on-site […]

EBlink announces FrontLink 58

EBlink, the pioneer and world leader in wireless fronthaul solutions, is increasing its market and technical lead with the introduction of FrontLink™ 58, its second-generation wireless fronthaul product. More information at

eYeka partners with Unilever

eYeka, the world’s biggest co-creation community, has strengthened its relationship with Unilever. Unilever’s intent is to further tap into the open creativity and crowdsourcing platform that eYeka has nurtured over the last few years. The appointment is official as of 1 June 2013 and covers markets across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Russia and South Africa. More information at  […]

Ijenko at Smart Grid 2013

At the Smart Grid Paris 2013 Show, Bouygues Telecom demonstrates a new “Fifth Play” service on the Bbox Sensation. Based on both Ijenko Platform in the cloud as well as the IS2T Platform in the Bbox ISP Gateway, it expands the already rich Bbox Sensation universe by making the connected home a truly smarter home. […]

LeddarTech at Sensors Expo 2013

LeddarTech to unveil the Leddar(TM) Platorm Sensor Evaluation Kit at Sensors Expo 2013. More iformation at

Movea named Honoree at CES 2013

Movea, the leading provider of advanced data fusion technologies for mobile devices, announced its MotionCore product has been named a 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovations Design and Engineering Awards honoree. The MotionCore product line is a family of motion processing and data fusion IP cores optimized for mobile devices and embedded applications. More information […]

Compario adopts Windows Azure from Microsoft

Compario is the first connected commerce software vendor to offer its e-commerce customers a solution based on Windows Azure from Microsoft. More information at

Movea announces SmartMotion™ Developer Kit

Movea announced the availability of its SmartMotion™ Developer Kit for interactive TVs at IBC 2012. More information at

Movea expands Portfolio

GreenPeak Technologies, Nordic Semiconductor and Texas Instruments integrate Movea SmartMotion® Software for their bluetooth low energy & RF4CE remote controls. More information at

Movea secures a Series C funding

Movea, leader in motion processing and data fusion technologies, announced it has secured a new roud of funding in the amount of 6.5 Million Euros led by Intel Capital, together with existing investors iSource and GIMV. More information at

Movea appoints a new Chairman of the Board

Movea appoints Gilles Delfassy,  mobile industry expert, as chairman of the Board to help drive Movea’s motion sensing and data fusion tehnology for mobile, interactive TV, sports and eHealth. More information at

Ijenko launches its new Platform

Ijenko announces the launch of IJENKO Engage, its new, open Home Energy Management Services Platform enabling service providers to deliver all type of energy and home automation applications to residential customers using multiple Home Area Network Protocols. More information at

New version of Compario Crowned Eagle

Compario, a leading vendor of Connected Commerce solutions, announces the release of the new version of its software Compario Crowned Eagle. More information at

Leddartech USA appoints a Regional Sales Manager

LeddarTech USA Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of LeddarTech Inc., an innovative company specializing in 3D detection for traffic management systems and intelligent transport systems, announced the appointment of Doug Williams as Regional Sales Manager. More information at

Nordic partners with Movea

Movea, the pioneer in motion-sensing and motion-control technologies, announced its technology partnership with Nordic Semiconductor ASA for the development of new and innovative, motion-enabled 2.4GHz RF remote control reference design. More information at

E-Blink collaborates with Alcatel-Lucent

E-Blink is accelerating its market growth with a strategic collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent. As part of the agreement, Alcatel-Lucent will position the E-Blink Wireless RRH™ portfolio to its mobile telecoms operator customers throughout the world. More information at

Movea expands presence in Asia

Movea, the pioneer in motion-sensing and motion-control technologies announced that it has contracted with Actron Co. Ltd in Seoul, Korea, to promote Movea’s SmartMotion technology as part of the company’s planned expansion into Asia. More information at

Movea and Universal Electronics Inc. collaborate

Movea, the pioneer in motion-sensing and motion-control technologies, announced a collaborative development effort with Universal Electronics (UEI) (NASDAQ: UEILC). The collaboration covers the development and demonstration of Movea’s MotionIC® platform on UEI’s latest “UEI WaveMotion” remote control platform reference design. More information at

iSource sells maTVpratique to Prisma Presse

iSource announces that Prisma Presse Group has acquired New Media Plus, the French editor of maTVpratique offers free access to entertaining and educational high quality programs online, posted by experts and amateur enthusiasts. Videos can be viewed and downloaded on a PC, a multimedia player, a mobile phone or an Iphone Since 2009, iSource has given its support to […]

iSource invests in StormAudio

iSource announces its investment in StormAudio (, a French company providing an innovative stereo amplification system. More information in the Press Release (in French)

Aldebaran launches NAO Next Gen

Aldebaran Robotics has released its latest version of the NAO Robot – NAO Next Gen. The power of NAO Next Gen, the new fully programmable humanoid robot that has the most extensive worldwide use, is opening up new perspectives and fields of application for its users. More information at

Total Immersion releases Augmented Reality Platform Free to Developers

Total Immersion, the global leader and pioneer in augmented reality (AR), released a new version of D’Fusion® Studio, an evolution in AR technology. Free to download, D’Fusion Studio 3.2 empowers developers of all stripes to create a new breed of rich cross-platform games and applications that leverage Total Immersion’s groundbreaking AR technology. More information at

Movea’s GestureBuilder Advances State of the Art for Gesture Control in Consumer Electronics

Movea, the leader in motion sensing and motion-enabled control technologies, announced that it is making State of the Art gesture recognition and gesture database design capabilities available to Consumer Electronic OEMs and Systems Integrators though its ground breaking GestureBuilder software. Part of Movea’s SmartMotion® portfolio and a component of the MoveTV platform, GestureBuilder enables Touchless Gestures™ […]

Total Immersion releases Augmented Reality Game SkinVaders

Total Immersion released SkinVaders™, a fun game for all ages available as a free download for the iPhone®, iPad2® and iPod touch® at App Store(SM) at Created with Total Immersion’s D’Fusion® Studio Augmented Reality (AR) platform, SkinVaders is the first game to fully leverage AR literally bringing players into the game—by transforming their faces into […]

Ariba acquires b-process

Ariba, Inc. (Nasdaq: ARBA), the leading provider of collaborative business commerce solutions, today announced that it has closed the acquisition of b-process, a privately-held provider of France’s largest electronic invoice network and one of the largest e-invoicing networks in Europe. With the acquisition, Ariba further expands its global footprint and extends its leadership position in […]

iSource invests in Digital Media Solutions

iSource announces its investment in Digital Media Solutions, an innovative company providing audio solutions. Visit our Recent Operation page to get more information

Morpho chooses LeddarTech

LeddarTech Inc., an innovative Canadian company specializing in 3D detection for traffic management systems and intelligent transport systems, announced that Morpho, a French compagny belonging to Safran Group, chose Leddar™ technology for the development of its automated average speed detection product. More information at

TALEO acquires Jobpartners

iSource announces that Taleo Corporation acquired Jobpatners, a leading provider of PRM (People Relationship Management). iSource invested in Jobpartners in 2000 and has supported its development ever since.

BeamExpress secures investment

BeamExpress SA, a developer and supplier of long wavelength Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology announces that it has completed a $3M financing led by Polytech Ventures along with existing investor iSource. More information at

A new Marketing Director for Smartesting

Smartesting announces the nomination of Pascal Rawsin as Marketing Director for Emea, United States and India markets. More information at

iSource invests in Captain Dash

iSource announces its investment in Captain Dash, a provider of on-demand « communications & marketing » department solution founded by Gilles Babinet and Bruno Walther. More information at

Smartesting achieves the “Ready for Rational” validation

Smartesting, a leading French independent Software vendor in Model Driven Testing Design solutions announced that its Smartesting CertifyIt product has achieved “Ready for Rational” validation for the integration with Rational Quality Manager V3.01. More information at

iSource congratulates Sequans

iSource congratulates Sequans Communications on its IPO on the New York Stock Exchange on April 15, 2011, raising $66M to fuel its growth.

IJENKO raises €3.5M

Ijenko, a developper and provider of  a platform of home smart energy, announced a new round of funding with its historical investors. More information at :

Total Immersion secured a new round of funding

Total Immersion, global leader in augmented reality, announced today that it has secured USD $5,5M in a funding round led by Intel Capital joined by existing investors Partech, iSource and Elaia Partners. More information at