With our robust technological positioning and our ability to understand innovation at its early stage,  Sofimac Innovation has gained a foothold in the industry thus leading to the implementation of a wide network of Partners including.

– research laboratories and incubators;
– private and institutional firms;
– world renowned Corporates;
– and other Venture Capitalists who share our market vision.

Sofimac Innovation is regularly invited to take part in initiatives to value and assist entrepreneurs. Sofimac Innovation is associated with:

France Angels

Sofimac Innovation actively participates in the professionalization efforts of the Business Angels networks by supporting and carrying out a number of co-investments with them.

IBM Global Entrepreneur

iSource is a partner of the IBM Global Entrepreneur initiative which allows companies with up to 3 years of existence to benefit from the IBM product network for the development of innovative technological solutions.

Pôle System@tic

Since 2005, iSource has been an integral part of the business clusters ecosystem. The Pôle System@tic business cluster aims to turn a global network of excellence (big companies, small and medium sized companies and research laboratories) into complex systems to use their applications on the Telecom, Defence and Security, Transport and Automotive, Health and Sustainable City markets. iSource is in direct contact with the cluster’s executive office and takes part in several work groups and selection committees, notably in the framework of the Young Innovative Company Label.

Sofimac Innovation is happy to be part of Dataconnexions of Etalab, which is leading the Open Data effort under the French Prime Minister Authority. Innovative approaches to data processes (Big Data, Open Data, Visualization, Cloud Services) are generating opportunities for high potential start-ups in those areas of which  Sofimac Innovation is already supporting.