The Sofimac Innovation team is one of the most experienced teams out there. Our successes and failures have resulted in valuable knowledge, reflexes, and expectations towards ourselves.

Our know-how is based on in-depth experience, sound field expertise and specific technical competences. We offer these services to entrepreneurs and managers to:

– challenge and position new technologies or new ideas in a competitive environment,
– measure and support the managing team’s potential for success for a given innovation,
– discuss business projects to turn the initial idea into a lasting creation, a « Small Global » : a company that aims to become a leading global player on its market.

We assist entrepreneurs during the first years of development; we do not interfere in any way but rather work hand in hand with the company providing our know-how. We prepare the company and its managers for stages they may have to face down the road: new fundraising projects, strategic recruitment, negotiating with partners or unions, etc.