Since 1998 iSource has been a leading French venture capital firm specializing in early stage investments. Our well-established positioning and our trustworthiness makes us one of the rare VCs to invest in early stage companies and places us at the crossroads of entrepreneurship, technological management, and investment. Few investors co-entrepreneurs as evidently as us. As of October 2017, iSource becomes Sofimac Innovation.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) investors

We invest primarily in early stage companies in Information and Communication Technologies. Such companies develop software, design telephony components, provide new Internet services, create new multimedia experiences, and so forth.

Our current participations fall within eight different sectors which correspond to our fields of expertise and know-how: Corporate Software, Multimedia, SaaS, Telecom, Internet, Embedded Systems, Managed Services, Eco-Technologies and Health.

Long-term investor

We invest at first round in seed and early stage companies (up to 5 years of existence). We invest in subsequent rounds if necessary. This is what clearly differentiates us from other so-called « early-stage » investors.

Our funds are managed by a stable, senior Team, made up of industry, finance and entrepreneur specialists. This allows us to efficiently assist each portfolio company and bring them added value, rather than just financing. Our exchanges with managers have greatly benefited from this operational and market expertise…

Connected investor

Our robust technological positioning coupled with our ability to understand innovation at its early stage, has allowed us to gain a strong foothold in the industry thus leading to the implementation of a wide network of Partners including:

– research laboratories and incubators,
– private and institutional investors,
– world renowned Corporates,
– and other Venture Capitalists who share our market vision.

Different investor

All this is what makes Sofimac Innovation a unique investor (Testimonies). To get to know you better, we have dedicated a specific area on our website adapted to your profile needs:

– for Entrepreneurs who create and develop innovative firms we look for;
– for Investors (LPs);
– for Corporates who work with us in many different ways to also find gems they may help to grow faster.